Sass/SCSS Concepts (pt. 2)

  • fade-out takes a number between 0 and 1 and decreases opacity by that amount:
  • fade-in changes a color by increasing its opacity:
  • adjust-hue changes the hue of a color by taking a color and number of degrees (usually between -360 and 360) and rotating the color wheel by that amount.
  • If the value is stored in a variable or returned by a function.
  • If the value is surrounded by parentheses, unless the parentheses are outside a list and the value is inside.
  • If the value is used as part of another arithmetic expression.
Note: “helper” refers to resources like variables, mixins and functions that “help” make up the foundation of your code.




UI/UX Developer in Austin, TX

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Brad Carter

Brad Carter

UI/UX Developer in Austin, TX

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